Entertainment Weekly: First look at the lighthouse indie horror thriller "Widow's Point"

Best Shorts Competition - Award of Meret Special Mention - Actress: Leading (KateLynn E. Newberry as Olivia) Auditorium 6

KateLynn is a chameleon and is a talented woman. When we reviewed her reels one thing kept coming to the forefront and it was how you are drawn to her . She as a way of developing a character and breathing life to the words on the page. It is an immense blessing to give this talented artist an opportunity to breath life into the role of Iris Black. She will be our lead artist in this production as Iris black.

-Derek-Jose Talib-Byers of i71 Movies

The Green Wedding ShoesCaptivated by Capri: A Colorful Southern Italian-Inspired Bridal Editorial 

"It's hard to describe KateLynn Newberry's look because in every photo she is someone different - a gas-mas-wearing zombie slayer with an affinity for fishnets, a lonley woman roaming abandoned trains, or even a dapperly dressed gentleman."


-  Article by Nicole Hebdon

Gorgeous Freaks Issue 45 


"Eye-Catching Model and Actress KateLynn Newberry Offers Artistic Inspiration and Insightful Advice."


"Anyone who meets vibrant and vivacious KateLynn Newberry would just assume she was a born model and actress. But once you hear her inspiring story, you realize that this is far from the truth."


Land of Cleve

“I wanted someone professional enough not to complain about the cold and filth of the working space and be able to concentrate on the task at hand. Which in her case meant looking hot in an icebox, a dirty, grimy icebox. I chose Katelynn because she is a natural beauty with no diva issues to worry about. A real sweetheart who is easy to work with under trying circumstances.”


-Fisher Creative Image

“I’ve worked with Katelynn Newberry numerous times throughout the past few years and so I knew it would be wonderful to collaborate again. We scheduled a shoot as she was passing through the area on her way back home from NYC.”


-Visual Echoes

Katelynn brings a fantastic and open energy to my studio. I always enjoy working with her because she is upbeat but focused. She has modeled a wide variety of looks for me and is stunning each time. I look forward to working with her again!


-Sarah B.

I saw something in you that I never see in actors that I work with. I can't even pinpoint or explain it very well (what that feeling was like) but I believe you're meant for greatness. You shine. There's only 2 other actors that I've worked with that I know will thrive because they have an incredible screen presence. But never have I worked with an actress as fierce and committed as you. And you know what captivated me. Sometimes it wasn't only your performance during the take, but the silent 5 seconds right before a take when I saw you processing the actions with your mind. I could see the clock turning and a magician pulling its little clock hands inside your brain.


-Conrad Faraj of Conrad Studios

KateLynn,a dedicated and passionate talent absolutely destined for success!! 
A natural and born beauty.


-John S. 

“KateLynn, You are just awesome to work with! Such a natural in front of the lens!! I am so glad I had the chance to work with you again before you left for PA. Those Pittsburgh photographers are going to love working with you!! Thank you!”


-Arizona Sun

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